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Years of on-the-job practice writing independent projects, years of academic study (I earned my MFA in screenwriting at UCLA), and years of close consultation with name-brand professionals have given me a deep understanding of how movie stories function. Based on my own work as a professional screenwriter and dozens of hours spent interviewing Hollywood heavyweights (for projects including the acclaimed TALES FROM THE SCRIPT), I have developed a broad perspective that encompasses not only my own experiences but also those of individuals who have written some of the world’s most beloved films.

I’ve interviewed Hollywood legends Shane Black (Lethal Weapon), John Carpenter (Halloween), William Goldman (The Princess Bride), Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver), and Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network); A-listers Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption), David Hayter (X-Men), and Robert Mark Kamen (Taken); novelist-screenwriters William Peter Blatty (The Exorcist) and Neil Gaiman (Sandman); Pulitzer Prize winner William Kennedy (The Cotton Club); indie-film luminaries Allison Anders (Gas Food Lodging), John Sayles (Passion Fish), and Guinevere Turner (American Psycho); Oscar nominees Nora Ephron (Sleepless in Seattle), Paul Mazursky (An Unmarried Woman), Jose Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries), and Ron Shelton (Bull Durham); Oscar winners Philippa Bowens & Fran Walsh (Lord of the Rings), Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water), Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost) and David S. Ward (The Sting); and dozens of others. Luminaries from the world of television whom I’ve interviewed include The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things), Damon Lindelof (Lost), Michael Schur (The Good Place), and John Wells (ER).

Because of my varied experience, I can help you tell your story more clearly, dramatically, and commercially by guiding you toward rock-solid structures, focused characters, and tight scenes.

Instead of just identifying script problems, I’ll help you find script solutions.

SERVICES AND RATES: Written analysis (at least two pages) and 30-minute follow-up discussion (via phone or Zoom): $400 • 30-minute verbal consultation only (via phone or Zoom): $200 • Rewrite consult (one-page analysis and 30-minute follow-up discussion for existing clients): $200


• “Peter’s feedback hones in on just the right problem areas: His grasp of story is unerring, and his encyclopedic knowledge of film and genre helps ground his comments in real-world examples. He can also nail just what’s wrong with a character’s development, and his creative suggestions are extremely useful. Beyond that, he gets down to the level of detail most of us crave, explaining just where dialogue goes on too long, and how to cut scenes down to the more powerful level of their visual core. I’m a better writer because of Peter’s input.” Lisa M. Gold, finalist, Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting; participant, AFI Directing Workshop for Women

• “Peter’s sharp story sense, combined with his command of cinema language and history, makes his comments invaluable.” Michael Wolk, screenwriter, Innocent Blood

• “Peter knows screenwriting inside and out. When I had to make a short film for my senior thesis project, I had the idea but didn’t know where to begin. Working alongside Peter, I was able to take that kernel and give it emotional punch by cutting to the core of any successful project, the development of central characters. Peter’s willingness to share his knowledge in areas of structure, dramatic tension and dialogue made a lasting impact on subsequent projects.” Dave Eckelman, Media Research Director, Warner Bros. 

• “Peter’s comments are extraordinarily insightful and instructive. If you are looking for feedback on a script that will boost you to the next level, Peter is your man!” Sam Rawlings, Managing Director, ScriptWrights

• “Peter’s script analysis is the best I’ve ever gotten — concise, clear, and thoroughly detailed. He possesses an excellent sense of plot, pacing, and story structure, comes up with wonderful insights and ideas on how to improve your script, and even has an eagle eye for spelling and punctuation.” Tim Merrill, writer/editor, Film Threat, Fade In

• “I had all the information I needed in my first act, but I couldn’t disseminate the story as expeditiously and precisely as I wanted. After five minutes with Peter, I was well on my way.” Troy Maurice Williams, Los Angeles

• “Peter’s industry experience, insight into story structure, and attention to detail are extremely valuable resources for aspiring screenwriters. In an industry town where the first word out of every development executive’s mouth is ‘No!’ or ‘Pass!’ every writer needs all the help he or she can get. Peter played devil’s advocate on one of our projects, which enabled us to tighten the script and whip it into tip-top form.” Bradley and Kevin Marcus, cowriters “Once Upon a Time” (bought for six figures by MGM)

• “Peter is blessed with the ability to write fast and well. His ability to write under a deadline and produce quality work is nothing short of amazing. We had one meeting with him to discuss our story and the following weekend he sent us a first draft of the script. His profound knowledge of story structure and screenwriting enhances any project that he is attached to. We would hire him again in an instant!” Joe Masucci, New York

• “Peter has an exceptional creative presence. He is great at keeping the massive undertaking of a film production organized, on track, efficient and, most of all, creatively sound. Peter knows character development and dialogue like the back of his hand, and isn’t afraid to use them!” Thomas Curley, Los Angeles

• “Peter helped me with a pilot for a dramatic TV series. He did great work and I highly recommend him.” Warren Redlich, New York

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